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The International Conference of Young Scientists in Materials Science and Surface Engineering MSSE2023 was held

Відбулася Міжнародна конференція молодих вчених з матеріалознавства та інженерії поверхні MSSE2023

September 27-29, 2023 at the Physical and Mechanical Institute named after G.V. The International Young Scientists Conference on Materials Science and Surface Engineering (MSSE2023) was held at Karpenka National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The conference was held in a hybrid mode. The organizer of the conference was the Council of Young Scientists, Specialists and Postgraduates of the FMI of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with the support of the directorate of the Physico-Mechanical Institute named after G.V. Karpenka of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Professional Committee of the Institute, the State Enterprise “Techno-Resurs” and the “Energoresurs-Invest” corporation. The organizers thank all sponsors, partners and participants for their interest in the conference.

The purpose of this conference was to support young scientists, specialists and postgraduate students of the FMI of the NAS of Ukraine and other scientific and educational institutions in improving their professional qualifications and scientific level, as well as the exchange of ideas and approaches, testing of new scientific results, gaining experience in public presentation and defense of basic provisions scientific research.

The topics of this year’s conference covered 4 directions: “Fracture Mechanics and Strength of Materials”, “Corrosion Protection of Materials”, “Modern Problems of Materials Science”, “Information and Diagnostic Systems”.

The conference was attended by young scientists and specialists from Ukraine – Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Chernivtsi, Lviv, etc. and from abroad, namely: Mexico, Poland, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Israel, who are engaged in research in the field of materials science, fracture mechanics, materials diagnostics, and related disciplines. In total, young scientists represented more than 30 domestic and 12 foreign academic, university, research institutions and centers. At the conference, 75 reports were presented, 4 plenary reports were made, and 15.28 scientific materials of the conference were published. sheets, which included a total of 75 scientific reports.

Plenary reports were presented by well-known scientists:

  • Prof. Alex Lugovskoy – Ariel University, Israel;
  • Dr. Valentyn Tsisar – Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, Belgium;
  • Prof. Jesús Toribio – University of Salamanca, Spain

and representatives of companies and societies:

  • Mykola Shtyryov – Private Research and Production Company “LYU”;
  • Prof. Oleksiy Narivskyi – LLC “UkrSpetsmash”.

The conference proved the high level of training of its participants, recorded the most important scientific achievements in the areas of the event’s problems. The successful holding of the conference testifies to its relevance and importance for the development of fundamental research and popularization of science in Ukraine.

Відбулася Міжнародна конференція молодих вчених з матеріалознавства та інженерії поверхні MSSE2023

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